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Lauren Salzberg was born and raised in New York. After attending college in Washington, D.C., Lauren joined her family in Florida. It is there that she met her husband and they had their three children. After living in Florida for quite some time, they decided to move back to the DC area and resided in Potomac, MD. They are now in Gaithersburg, MD.

Lauren has three children, ages 27, 25, and 21. One of her children has Autism. She is also a pre-school teacher at a local Temple in the Gaithersburg area. She was a Brownie leader and active sports team mom, therefore, giving her much hands-on experience with children of all ages.

Being a mom to a special needs child and growing up as a doctor’s daughter, nothing seems to faze her. She is always researching the newest and latest topics for discussion and has always been the “go to” person amongst all her friends.

Potomac Lice Lady is the best and most recommended lice lady. She is the one that people refer to as the lice expert and we all know that not all lice ladies are the same.  And,thanks to all of you, was awarded one of 2012 Start Up Nations Leading Mom’s in Business! Some may say being the lice lady is a “louse-y” job–but not in our eyes! We love it! We are moms, teachers, and ones who love to help others. After seeing that so many people are so “bugged” out when it comes to lice, Lauren decided to start her own “de-licing” company and fulfill a niche that was so badly needed in our community. She started off as a mobile service, going from house to house helping people eradicate the lice from their heads. As time went on, business became so busy, she converted half of her garage into what is now our “lice salon”! Here is where the magic happens and the happiness begins. Families come here and we help them and they leave here lice free. Lauren has been written up in the papers, been on the local news and everyone knows the famous “Potomac Lice Lady” mobile around town! When they leave the salon, they can happily say “it was lice knowing you”! with a smile

PotomacLice Lady, is the ONLY LICE LADY you will ever want to go to! (and trust us…we know what we are talking about!)

Lice Lady in the news

Potomac Lice Lady featured on NBC4 January 22, 2024


Here is the article featured on WTOP website December 3, 2015

WTOP Article

This is Potomac Lice Lady on WTOP NEWS December 3, 2015!

Potomac Lice Lady featured on front page of Washington Post October 24, 2015

Washington Post Article 10/24/15

August 20, 2015 –Potomac Lice Lady on Fox 5 DC @ 5

August 28,2015 –Potomac Lice Lady on WMAL Drive at 5

August 31, 2015 –Potomac Lice Lady interviewed by Washington Post- click here to read article!

We were featured in the December issue of INSIDE POTOMAC magazine

Laura Evans from Fox 5 DC covered us in her consumer news!


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WJLA Working Woman report by Allison Starling

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What they say about us

I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. I truly mean it. I would not have been able to do this for myself and for my daughter without you. We will be sure to send you pictures of her in the dance performance.
Thank you for working such a long, long weekend and helping all of the dance company get through our major outbreak. We are so grateful to you and appreciate all that you did for us. We will make sure to follow all of your instructions and pass along all of your helpful information. Thanks again for all of your help.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do not know if there are enough thank you’s out there for what you have done for us. You have helped us now for what we have not been able to get rid of since January and we have learned so much from you all. We will be sure to bring back the information to our friends and share how important it is to check with a comb. This comb is amazing! You would not believe it if you did not see it with your eyes. Thank you for being so patient with our children as well.
Hi Lauren, I’m happy to report that my daughter is lice free thanks to you. I’ve been singing your praises to everyone.Thanks so much, we appreciate and depend on your support. You are amazing, thank you so much!!!

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