The Questions We Always Get

  When we get frantic lice calls from parents wanting to make appointments, one of the first questions we are asked, is "what should we do until we come to you?" The next question is usually, "should we go to the drugstore and purchase an OTC treatment and do before we come to you?" The [...]


September is Lice Prevention Month and why no chemicals?

Some of you may have a seen a recent article about other services who prefer to use Rid to treat Lice. If you prefer to not use chemicals and pesticides on your children, then that is probably why you are here. However, if all else fails, and the problem persists, there are severe cases where [...]


“Super Lice” and why are they so resistant?

The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) receives phone calls everyday from parents just like yourself as well as other health professionals reporting product treatment failure..many reports of families using various products on the market and finding them not to have worked...only to find the lice still living and crawling about on their children's heads. Quite often, [...]

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