“The Deceptive Dozen”: The National Pediculosis Association Offers 12 Important Tips to Help Parents Avoid Misleading Information on Head Lice Twelve of the most commonly made statements about head lice that mislead parents, require fact-checking and put child health and wellness at unnecessary risk.

Below is a press release just released today by the National Pediculosis Association (National Head Lice Association) targeted to help parents avoid misleading information on Head Lice: "The reward is an environment of mutual assurance that everyone is doing the best that they can for the health of their children and their community."   Boston, [...]


Having an “itch free” year in the school year ahead

It is one of those things that no parent wants to deal with. There is no avoiding the fact that every year, every school system and community has to face the dreaded problem of lice.  As we embark on a new school year, Health and Wellness experts recommend some preventative measures to hopefully reduce the number [...]


Informing your Community

There is nothing to be emabarrassed about if you or someone in your family has lice. Informing your community is probably one of the most important steps in getting rid of the lice and preventing further re-infestation. People are often very hesitant to tell others for the fear of isolation or embarrassment. However, if you [...]

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