“It’s Just In Your Head…”

  You get the call and it you have confirmed it for yourself. Yes, it is now your families' turn. Your turn for what you may ask? Lice, yes it is true, the time has come to experience lice. We tell our clients it is a right of passage of parenting. Your children are bound [...]


“The Deceptive Dozen”: The National Pediculosis Association Offers 12 Important Tips to Help Parents Avoid Misleading Information on Head Lice Twelve of the most commonly made statements about head lice that mislead parents, require fact-checking and put child health and wellness at unnecessary risk.

Below is a press release just released today by the National Pediculosis Association (National Head Lice Association) targeted to help parents avoid misleading information on Head Lice: "The reward is an environment of mutual assurance that everyone is doing the best that they can for the health of their children and their community."   Boston, [...]


Mistaken Advice When it Comes to Lice

When it comes to lice, everyone who has ever had it before always seem to have something to say about it. Whether it is a tip they suggest or the best treatment ever; more often than none, you probably have been given lots and lots of advice. You probably have also done tons and tons [...]


Myths and Truths About Lice

Common Myths About Head Lice Myth: Lice "jump" from child to child.Truth: Lice cannot leap. Lice are transferred by contact, either directly or through another device (such as a comb, hat, furniture and or bedding). Myth: I should use a pesticide on every surface of my house if my child has lice. Truth: Off of [...]


Interesting article I thought one should read

With the start of every new school year comes a whole list of new concerns. Who is going to be in your child's class, counting the days until your child comes down with the latest illness that requires you to take a day off of work and some of the biggest fears out there.....lice. With [...]


Having an “itch free” year in the school year ahead

It is one of those things that no parent wants to deal with. There is no avoiding the fact that every year, every school system and community has to face the dreaded problem of lice.  As we embark on a new school year, Health and Wellness experts recommend some preventative measures to hopefully reduce the number [...]


Some FAQ’s About Lice

Can Wigs or Hairpieces spread lice? According to experts, lice and the eggs(nits) soon perish if separated from their human host. The adult lice can only live about a day or so off of a human head without feeding. The nits (eggs) generally die within a week of being away from their host and cannot [...]


What are lice?

Head lice are very small,contagious parasitic insects that are about the size of a sesame seed and live on the human scalp. They move by crawling and are brownish, tan or gray in color. They can spread quickly from person to person in group settings. So, items like sharing clothing, bed linens, combs, hats help [...]

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