Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time will actually depend on the length and thickness of hair and the severity of the lice infestation. Every situation is different. On average, it takes approximately 1- 1 1/2 hours or more.

We do not use Rid or Nix or any other over the counter lice treatments. We use organic products made by Potomac Lice Lady (PLL) and if needed, we will recommend that you contact your pediatrician for a stronger treatment method that requires a prescription.

We recommend the new topical treatment Ulesfia which is a benzyl alcohol, non ovicidal topical lotion. It is not a pesticide; it suffocates the lice and will still require combing to get out the dead lice and the nits. Potomac Lice Lady can not write the prescription for you; you will need to obtain from your doctor and she will be more than happy to apply the treatment for you.

The treatment of lice is a process and from start to finish generally takes a good 3 weeks to be fully clean and nit free. After leaving here, the majority of the process is done for you. However, it is still going to require daily combing on your end to fully ensure that all of the lice and nits are gone and that re-infestation does not occur. Potomac Lice Lady is here to simplify things for you and make it less stressful and not let lice ruin your life!

All charges are listed in the Fees section. In addition, any extra time requested by Potomac Lice Lady is charged at $110/hr. The treatment fees charged DO NOT include the recommended follow-up appointment.

That is the question that gets most asked and yes, you will have to do laundry. However, you will only have to do laundry for the first 48 hours after you find out that you have lice and you are treated. You will need to wash all sheets, blankets, comforters, towels and clothing that has come into contact with the person/persons who have lice. A lot of people find this a lot to do and often too much for their washing machines and dryers to handle. Anything that can not be washed and dried in your own machines can be dry cleaned. Another option is to bring your laundry to or have your laundry picked up by a commercial service. Many of my clients have done this and find it to be quite helpful. There are several companies in the area that do this and some offer pick-up and delivery. Below I have listed a few, but I am certain if you google, you are bound to come up with a few more.

Kenwood Poly Clean 301-656-8381

Wishy Wash Laundromat 301-928-1965

Community Laundry Service 800-940-8033

Spring Center Laundromat 301-608-3149

This is a common question that is asked.  It is possible for African-American people to get lice but they do not seem to get it as much as Caucasian people. According to one study, only .3% of African-American children in school get head lice compared to to 10.4% Caucasian children. Lice have their own preferences. Lice seem to prefer “white” hair. The white/Caucasian hair differs than the African-American hair by its construction. Caucasian hair has a round shape where as African-American hair has an oval shape. The lice have certain difficulties clinging its legs to the oval shaped hair. It is often said that because of the different products and oils used on African-American hair, the hair is much harder to cling on to as well. However, in Africa, the lice have adjusted to the oval hair and it is more common there. In the USA or other Western countries, the lice seem to prefer making their homes on the heads of white people. While there are some occurrences of head lice in African-American people, they are rare.

That being said, if you suspect lice on you or your child, you need to be checked and indeed treated.  Just note that due to the texture and thickness of the hair, it may just take a little longer.  Have no fear, the Potomac Lice Lady has done lots of heads and all will be fine

Not exactly. When your child gets lice, even after they are gone and out of their head, the lice leave behind a scent. This scent is a calling card to other lice out there that your child’s head is a good source for food. After having lice, your child will return to his/her group of friends at school and sleepovers- the places where the lice most likely already exist. This is the exact reason why many parents must repeat the lice treatments a short time later. You must remember that to have successful and permanent head lice removal means a lot of hard work and preventative efforts on your behalf.

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