Did you ever wonder sometimes what bugs some people these days? Some people have a fear of illness. Others have a fear of snakes or wild animals. But one fear that we most frequently hear is that of…the dreaded “L” word… Lice. A little 4 letter word that can bring havoc among a household. A 4 letter word that can cause for some, much unwanted and unnecessary stress. That little 4 letter word also carries with it a large, negative stigma, one that we as a community need to work together to de-stigmatize.

Recently, I read an article that had a very important message. The article referenced a woman in a different country who came up with a powerful way for kids and parents to think of lice within a community and school setting. If we all remember that “Lice” means L for lice, I for information, C for control and E education, we can gain a much better hand on the lice situations within our communities and schools.

In some rural areas, where there is not a lot of easy access to stores, and people are not informed and how to properly “win the war” on lice, well, they can battle it for a long time. We have had clients who have been dealing with lice for months on end, and in some rare cases, a year. Below is a picture of just one swipe of a client who was very, very severely infested.

If this client had been properly educated on how to treat lice, what comb to use, and the need to screen and then treat if needed all members of their family, their lice infestation could have been rectified within a week, rather than almost a year.

In today’s world, we are so very fortunate to have many, many resources available to us. We are also fortunate to have people out there who are available to help. If you have a lice problem and need help, please do not try numerous attempts and various over the counter products to eradicate the situation. Call us and do it right. Help is around the corner!

As always, have a “de-liceful” day…


Lauren Salzberg

Potomac Lice Lady