“I love you and I don’t even know you!” is a phrase we get the pleasure of hearing often around here. So many a time we handle frantic calls from random strangers, who often become like friends, after long, soothing phone calls and visits.Image

To most, lice seems like the plague. Quite fitting, since this month of April, many celebrated the holiday of Passover, in which lice was the third plague to stump Pharaoh’s sorcerers. Yes, lice can be quite overwhelming for a family but it really does not have to be a big deal.

What often times makes lice feel like a big deal is the misinformation. It is the misinformation regarding lice that creates the fear. Lice and the fear of getting lice can feel like a plague. Clients who see us for the first time are amazed that “people like us exist”! “People actually do this as a profession!”, they say.  I chuckle inside when I hear this because it makes me feel like I am some kind of alien with 3 heads.

Lice are not scary; in fact, they are really quite interesting. If you look closely at them, they are really pretty amazing. They can move 9 inches in a minute and they walk along the hair shafts in such a unique way. Such tiny little creatures that lay tiny little eggs with such powerful glue. Gosh, if we could only capture that glue and market it, we would have one amazing super glue to sell!

When we take the time to talk with clients on the phone and explain things to them, we can really hear a change in their voice. When they walk into our place of business flustered and stressed and leave relaxed, we can truly see it. When we are told, “you are a gem, and I love you and I don’t even know you” we know where these individuals are coming from. Helping individuals is what we are about. If we can educate, eradicate, and elate people all in a days work then it has been a de-liceful day!

As always, if you need us, we are here!