Many adults out there have color treated hair. Many of us Moms have also come to love having our hair “straight” by having Keratin treatments done our hair. What happens to our hair should we get lice? When we have color treated hair and Keratin treatments, we are supposed to use sulfate free shampoos…now what?

Over the counter lice treatment products contain chemicals and pesticides and you probably want to check with your hairdresser as to what effect they may have with your hair. The products that I use to treat lice are natural and organic and are sulfate free. They contain oils that are very good for your hair. I spray the preventative sprays on myself and my children daily. I have both color treated hair and a Keratin treatment and my hair has never been affected.

For a listing of the ingredients in the products that I use and recommend, click on the links below:

All the best,

Lauren Salzberg

Potomac Lice Lady