It is November and it is so hard to believe that the Holidays are around the corner. With the holidays, often can come “lice” and that can offer a whole host of conflict amongst family members.

The Holidays are a time where loved ones are supposed to be together. Children are to play and families gather in large groups. What happens when you are supposed to get together for the holidays and one of the family members is diagnosed for lice? Are you going to cancel Thanksgiving dinner? Are you going to post-pone Hanukkah or Christmas?

The answer should be NO. Once the family member has been combed out and treated for live lice and nits, they should be able to attend the holiday party. What is recommended is for all others to have thorough head checks and comb outs after the get together. We cannot shield ourselves from completely contracting lice, but we can take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Lice are attracted to the human hair scent so disguising the human hair scent with essential oil sprays or gels is a great idea. Girls with long hair should wear their hair pulled back to further lessen their chances of contracting head lice as well.

Remember, being educated and being in control is how you play and is also how you can win the war on lice. Have a de-liceful holiday season!

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Lauren Salzberg


Potomac Lice Lady