Potomac Lice Lady has their own line of lice removal and combing aid products. Our philosophy is that the head lice have evolved and developed a resistance to the pesticides used in the over-the-counter treatment products available today. Therefore, we feel, nothing is more effective than that of a comb and we use a combination of combing aids and manual removal with a professional grade lice/nit comb to effectively remove head lice and their nits from you and your child’s head. People ask us which comb we prefer and we only use a professional grade comb. We use either The LiceMeister Comb or The Lice-Inator, our own comb,( our own version of the Nit-Free Terminator comb) here in the salon.  Head lice are also attracted to the human hair scent and we believe that “disguising” the scent of human hair is just one of the ways you can help to prevent a lice infestation.

Potomac Lice Lady uses a treatment oil as part of their removal process, which is a combination of proven essential oils to aid in the removal and treatment of lice. We use this as a great combing aid. The ingredients in the essential oil help to bring the lice to the surface of the hair, stun the lice and slow them down and aid in the removal of the nits from the hair shaft. The oil helps to detangle and condition the hair making it much easier during the comb out process. Nothing is more effective than combing, and the use of this product combined with a conditioner and water solution makes this possible. When combing the hair, having it tangle free is the best.

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