Some of you may have a seen a recent article about other services who prefer to use Rid to treat Lice. If you prefer to not use chemicals and pesticides on your children, then that is probably why you are here. However, if all else fails, and the problem persists, there are severe cases where pediatricians may have to become involved and consulted and a prescription may have to be obtained. But, the Potomac Lice Lady is confident that she can remove the lice safely with the Licemeister Comb and her natural products.

I consult often with the NPA (National Pediculosis Association) and use their website as a wonderful source for resources. The people there are extremely helpful and my clients tell me as well that they are wonderful to speak with on the phone. The link to their website is

I do not believe in using chemicals to treat lice. We live in a world that is full of chemicals and I have seen them time after time not work. That being said, why would you want to put something harmful on your head that does not work? Below is taken directly from the NPA’s website:

Lice treatment pesticide shampoos and lotions
are not to be used repeatedly, in conjunction with,
or as a follow-up to other chemical formulations.

New industry developed guidelines direct parents and health professionals to over-the-counter pesticide products already documented to be less than 100% effective at best or with documented lice resistance to them. When these treatments fail, the guidelines unfortunately recommend the prescription pesticides malathion and lindane. There are health risks inherent with the use of pesticides on children and these risks increase dramatically when you follow one chemical treatment with another.

The NPA advises parents to discontinue the use of any treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to avoid using other chemicals. Manual removal is the best option whenever possible, especially when treatment products have failed.

The following is taken from the NPA website as well:

You have a choice to decide whether or not to put chemicals on you or your family—

Why? Because children of any age or size are vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides. They also often have pregnant or nursing mothers who should never be exposed to chemical treatments either by applying them to themselves or to others.

Why? Because too many people unfortunately overuse chemical agents out of fear and frustration without adequate warning of the risks to themselves and the environment.

Why? Because each of us has our own unique vulnerabilities. Pesticide products can accumulate in the human body and they are not necessarily washed away at the end of the treatment, as people would like to think.

Why? Because the overuse of lice products can predispose a person to adverse reactions with even one additional chemical exposure.

Why? Because it’s not worth taking unnecessary risks when the bottom line will always be the manual removal of lice and nits.

Why? Because none of the available chemical treatments are 100% effective and too many people are told to seek prescriptions after other treatments fail. Prescriptions become the most potentially harmful treatment of them all!

Why? Because pesticides pose a risk to all children, and none are more at risk than the growing number treated for illnesses and/or on medication.

Why? Because everyone needs a non-chemical way to screen and detect head lice early and remove them safely and effectively.

Why? “Cuz if you don’t get ‘em out, you’ve still got ‘em!™”

“Because it’s not about lice, it’s about kids™”