Can Wigs or Hairpieces spread lice?

According to experts, lice and the eggs(nits) soon perish if separated from their human host. The adult lice can only live about a day or so off of a human head without feeding. The nits (eggs) generally die within a week of being away from their host and cannot hatch at a temperature lower than that which is close to the human scalp. For these reasons, transmission from wigs and hairpieces is very small.

Can lice be spread via sports helmets or headphones at school?

Lice is most commonly spread by direct contact with the hair. Being spread by inanimate objects is very rare. The lice feet are adapted for holding onto the human hair very tightly. They would have a very hard time attaching to slippery surfaces like plastic or metal, leather or other similar materials.

Can swimming spread lice?

Data shows that lice can survive for hours under water;however, they are unlikely to spread that way. They are more likely to spread via the use of shared towels and hair brushes at the swimming pools. Swimming however 1-2 days after being treated for lice may make the treatment less effective.

What about bagging items after you have been diagnosed with lice?

Some experts recommend bagging items for 2 weeks after being diagnosed with lice. Even though lice survive less than 2 days after falling off the scalp and the lice eggs (nits) cannot hatch under ideal conditions (ie-temperature of the scalp), there is always that slight chance that there could be one lone survivor. So, better safe than sorry.

Should my pet be treated for lice?

No. Head lice do not live on pets.

Will laundering kill the lice and nits(eggs)?

Experts say that washing and drying at temperatures greater than 130 degrees will kill both the lice and nits(eggs). Dry cleaning will also kill both lice and eggs(nits). Freezing can kill, but it can take several days to do so depending on temperature and humidity.

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