Head lice have 3 stages: the nit, the nymph, and the adult lice. From egg, until the end of the life cycle of the lice is approximately a total of 30 days.

Nits are the eggs of the head lice and are laid on the hair shaft. They are laid by the female adult louse. They require body heat to survive and can usually be found near the scalp. The shape of the nit is usually oval and takes about 6-9 days to hatch. Even after treatment of head lice, dead nits may remain attached to the hair shafts and you may have to continue to remove them as well.

Once the egg hatches, the nymph is released and this can happen from approximately day 9 to day 17. It can take about 7 more days for nymphs to become adult lice.

The adult lice are what suck human blood and need blood to survive. They can feed up to 5 times per day. Female adults are slightly larger than male adults. Female lice can lay up to 8 eggs or nits per day and can live up to 30 days on a person’s head.

So, this being said, if you suspect you have lice, do not wait, get checked, and treated, and stop the cycle!

All the best,

Lauren Salzberg

The Potomac Lice Lady


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