The holidays are are approaching and that means family and friends coming and going all throughout your home. It also means lots of visitors staying at your home or perhaps you are visiting other family members out of town. Perhaps you are traveling to get to your destination and staying at a hotel. It is getting colder outside and this also means lots of extra clothing and hats and more material for little friends to attach themselves to and make your head or your children’s head their home.

You love your children. We all do. And one of the best ways to show that love is to check them regularly. Performing “routine” lice checks and lice comb throughs is the best way to stay ahead of the situation. By doing this on a routine basis, you will never allow a lice infestation to get out of control and you will always be able to keep a hand on it. Everyone dreams of being a “close-nit” family and doing these checks is one of the best ways to achieve just that!

Pop in a good movie, make some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine. Bond with your children. Make it a positive experience. Talk about the day. If you are relaxed, they are relaxed and doing a lice check can become part of your routine just like everything else. The National Pediculosis Association highly recommends this, and using the Licemeister Comb, is one of the best ways to achieve a highly effective lice comb through.

Always remember: Head lice is not anyone’s fault. It is nothing to be ashamed of either. When in doubt, seek help from a professional and help is always just a phone call away.

All the best,


Potomac Lice Lady