Potomac Lice Lady Treatment Policy

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Successful lice treatment and removal requires your active participation after the initial process done in our salon.

After we perform the initial comb out and removal in our salon and provide education concerning linen washing, vacuuming, hair brush cleaning, car cleaning and other matters, an effective eradication will still require daily combing out of your hair and the use of recommended anti-lice shampoo until the recommended follow-up screening. This is important to ensure that all the lice and nits are removed from the hair.

What should we do until our appointment?

The first thing-STAY CALM!  Next, you will need to wash all recently worn clothes and bedding. You will need to place all of the blankets and pillows in your dryer for at least 45 minutes on a HIGH HEAT setting. Seal all non-washable items in garbage bags for at least 48 hours, if not longer. Help is around the corner!

Manual removal of all of the lice and nits is critical for successful lice treatment.The majority of lice infestations will take multiple comb-out treatments by you after we are finished. After your first lice removal treatment in our salon, you will be 98% eradicated or in other words- free of lice. Do not believe anyone that tells you that after one time you will be 100% clear. It is not uncommon to find several lice and nits the day after your appointment. Lice and nits are very small in size and the success in the combing depends on various factors such as the hair thickness, length of the hair, condition of the hair, and degree of infestation. Due to these factors, even the most qualified technicians can miss lice and nits. Furthermore, lice and nits that exist on the clothing ,bedding, furniture and other personal items can re-infest a person. Re-infestation can also happen by contact with other family members that still may have lice and nits. It is not required that you hire us for all of these multiple comb out treatments. It is our job to show you how to follow up on your own and eliminate the need for additional treatments after the 7-10 day period.

The number of hours it will take to complete the removal process can not be determined in advance.This will be determined once we actually see what we are dealing with. This all depends again on the length of the hair and the level of infestation. The combing and picking out of lice and nits is a mechanical and labor intensive process and can not be rushed. You would not want us to.

Together we will get rid of the lice and we are here to help you. The hard task will be done by us and all we ask of you is to try and remain calm. The worst part of these little buggers is they are sneaky and a nuisance-but we will make them go away! It just takes patience!