You might be asking yourself this question this very moment. You are probably saying to yourself every time you turn around, you hear someone you know has lice.  As as an adult, you do not remember it being like this when you were a child.

The toxic chemicals that were used to treat lice 20-30 years ago are not working up to their top potential anymore. Lice have evolved and they have become resistant to the over-the-counter products such as Nix,Pronto,Rid,etc. This makes these products even more harmful to use simply because we have to use more of them to get rid of the lice and people tend to misuse them “in fear” of lice.

Another reason that lice is so rampant is that many of us feel that we are so clean and that “we” would “never” get lice and do not even realize that we have it until it is a major infestation—at least the first time it happens. Once you have lice, you know the signs, the symptoms and you know how to deal with it and you are determined you never have to deal with it again.

There is a horrible stigma attached with lice and we have to remember, there is NOTHING TO BE EMBARRASSED ABOUT! Your child got lice from another child and if you do not mention it to the school or day care, the lice are going to go from one child to another child and the situation is bound to keep on going and going.

Constantly remind your children never to share hats, jackets, combs or brushes with anyone. Don’t allow your children to hang their jacket or hats on the same hanger or hook as another child’s belongings. If your child attends a preschool or child care, don’t be afraid to ask their policies on children and lice. Ask -do they do periodic checks for head lice? Do they discourage the sharing of personal items? Is their dress -up clothes used over and over again without laundering?

A good nit comb is also a key to lice prevention and infestation. If everyone combed their hair out once a week, lice infestations would not happen in the first place. Knowledge is key and the first line of defense against these little critters. Overall, if you are still confused, the best advice is always to contact a professional or your family doctor. But remember, lice are not going to ruin your life—-they may just “slow” it down for a few days.



Potomac Lice Lady