There are times in life that it really does pay to be nit-picky to turn a business idea into a great success. The word nitpicker is commonly identified as someone who annoys people with their unrealistic desire for perfection. However, it is our meticulous nature of nitpicking–head lice–that is–that has helped so many within the community around us.

What started out as a mission to help family and friends has ended up helping countless numbers of others as well. Not only do we help families get rid of their “pests”, but we also help them to avoid re-infestations as well.

Potomac Lice Lady started out as a mobile service venture. Each and every day, we packed up our gear and headed out to help our clients. Not before long, we had too many clients and a more efficient way of doing our job and spreading our knowledge was needed. A salon was built and it is here that the magic is allowed to happen and the “lice saving” can begin.

Our clients come first and we truly are in a business where people come first. We are here to help our clients through their pesky problems and work with them. We answer our phones all the time, respond to emails right away, and there really is no such thing as a holiday. Quite often are work is never done as we work very long extended hours. Being moms, we hear the voices of our clients and can “feel” what they are going through and truly do understand what they feel they are experiencing at that particular point and time.

Time and time again we get asked “what made you get into this…”. Quite honestly, the above just about sums it up. We are happy, go lucky people. Nothing “bugs” us! Helping people is what we love to do and if we can make one more person have a “deliceful” day, then we have done our job!

Don’t let “lice” get you down…


Lauren Salzberg

Potomac Lice Lady