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Sleepovers….To Do or Not to Do? That is the question!

If you have school aged children, then you are probably very familiar with lice and it's ever so popular presence! These critters, though they do not pose any threat or disease, are just a plain nuisance and cause much stress for most families. The even bigger stress seems to come when it involves your child [...]


Lice Treatment and Allergies: What you need to know

When you find out that your child or you have lice, the first thing you want to do is "de-louse"! You want the critters out of your hair and you will probably go to just about any measure to get it done. However, what you might not think about is that these products, whether chemical [...]


Why is lice so rampant now?

You might be asking yourself this question this very moment. You are probably saying to yourself every time you turn around, you hear someone you know has lice.  As as an adult, you do not remember it being like this when you were a child. The toxic chemicals that were used to treat lice 20-30 [...]


September is Lice Prevention Month and why no chemicals?

Some of you may have a seen a recent article about other services who prefer to use Rid to treat Lice. If you prefer to not use chemicals and pesticides on your children, then that is probably why you are here. However, if all else fails, and the problem persists, there are severe cases where [...]


“Super Lice” and why are they so resistant?

The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) receives phone calls everyday from parents just like yourself as well as other health professionals reporting product treatment failure..many reports of families using various products on the market and finding them not to have worked...only to find the lice still living and crawling about on their children's heads. Quite often, [...]


Myths and Truths About Lice

Common Myths About Head Lice Myth: Lice "jump" from child to child.Truth: Lice cannot leap. Lice are transferred by contact, either directly or through another device (such as a comb, hat, furniture and or bedding). Myth: I should use a pesticide on every surface of my house if my child has lice. Truth: Off of [...]


Interesting article I thought one should read

With the start of every new school year comes a whole list of new concerns. Who is going to be in your child's class, counting the days until your child comes down with the latest illness that requires you to take a day off of work and some of the biggest fears out there.....lice. With [...]


Having an “itch free” year in the school year ahead

It is one of those things that no parent wants to deal with. There is no avoiding the fact that every year, every school system and community has to face the dreaded problem of lice.  As we embark on a new school year, Health and Wellness experts recommend some preventative measures to hopefully reduce the number [...]

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